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Welcome to the free CIB Online site. These class materials are offered at no cost; however, this does not mean poor quality since students who use these materials are using many of the same materials that we use in our regular classes at CIB.

Texts used on this site are often the property of the authors and may not be used outside of this site without their direct permission. Other texts are public domain and may be used and published by anyone. Please be careful to make clear distinctions.

On this site, Charnock Institute of the Bible will be offering many class materials that are offered at our regular campuses. Languages will be included. We are presently working on a different system which will enable students to register and receive grades. In the meantime, you may use any materials as they are placed on the various class pages; however, until the new system is completed, no tests are available.

To donate to this project, please designate your donation to/at White Stone Missions using the following link:

4 Responses to “FREE Classes”

  • I would like to access and study the free online materials. How do I do that? I’m not finding a link or instructions for access. Thanks so much! I’m grateful for your work and hope to contribute. With gratitude ~ Adam

    • Just select the FREE CLASSES, then the class you wish. Books needed are free on the class page, and a syllabus will guide you. Classes are not full yet, with the exception of the Bible Interpretation Course. Still, you can begin some Basic Greek and Hebrew. Thanks!

      • Thank you; I found it and am very happy to have this kind of support available.
        When you say “classes are not full yet,” I’m assuming you refer to the in-person classes rather than the free online classes? Or, is there a limit to the number of people who can access the free materials? I am studying the materials you provide and proceeding at my own pace without interacting further with instructors, etc. Is this what you intend?

        • Thanks for the note. There are no limits to online FREE classes. We will add more to all the FREE classes as we have time. We are working on completing the free Greek Grammar class at present. Once the videos are edited they will be online. By the way, a complete reading of the Greek New Testament is also in the plans. It will proceed as follows: 1. The complete Greek text will be read. 2. A live translation of each Greek passage as it is read. 3. Brief comments and commentary as needed or relevant. These will be available soon, I hope, and will provide a great commentary. Blessings!

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