What People Say

What people say when they see what is happening at CIB…

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“I wouldn’t trade what I’ve learned this year about my God for much gold. I’m sad to see this year come to an end.” -AR, Student

“I thought I knew my God, and I thought I knew my Bible until I came to Charnock.” -KM, Student

“Coming to Charnock you will know your God, and you will know your Bible!” -JS, Student

“These students are translating Greek better than I did when I finished seminary.” -Greek Professor. Students had begun Greek some 10 months before.

“You guys are amazing.” -BN, Boise Pastor

“The humility of these students is what impressed me.”  -SW

“These classes make my Masters program look like Kindergarten.” -JW, Boise Pastor, Masters student, and former CIB Greek student

“We will be sending our children to Charnock.” -Several Families

One parent said that they sent their other child to a Great Books Classical College, but Charnock is a much better program. His son has now graduated from CIB.

“I’ve never even heard of anything like this anywhere.”  -Pastor

Translating the entire Bible as part of the regular curriculum causes students to view their Bibles and God in a very different way. It very quickly makes them more accurate students and lifts their interaction in class to a whole new level.

“I have dreamed for years of a college like Charnock, where students gather around a table discussing their findings from the Bible directly from the Greek and Hebrew text.  It has surpassed everything I thought it would or could be. Magnificent insights from students fluent in the languages are constant, literally week by week. [Just use] Translations? No thank you!  Too much has to be left behind.  God has said it and given it to us, and we want it– ALL of it.  The students have been as amazed as I have been with the insights God is allowing them to see. God has amazed me through them.  Thank YOU God!” – DD, Professor

“This is the very thing students need today and what is missing from their education: how to think and see God in everything deeply.” -BC, Scientist

“The power of the original languages, now that I’ve translated the New Testament, impacts in just that way… power.” -BW

“I wish I could fully explain to you how much it has meant to our daughter to learn the Word of God through the original languages. She almost always comes home from class just bubbling over with joy over some new illumination. She frequently shares with our whole family, and we sit at the table enthralled over the perfect plan of salvation and God’s awesome hand over the nations of the world. I can say, without a doubt, that learning the Word in this way has done more for the shaping of her character and her faith than anything else she’s ever done. I love to think how blessed her children will be when she teaches them the Word straight from the languages of those whose hand God guided when they penned it. Amazing!” -CB

“Being connected to Charnock is an adventure. Although the original languages must be acquired, in the process, one becomes part of a unique ‘encouragement zone.’ Not only does one seek to know ‘What do these words say?’, one is blessed to discover ‘What does this passage mean?’  As the classes unfold, I see all of the students savoring the Person of the Book with ever greater enthusiasm.” -AA

“We were amazed to find her saying things that were foreign to us, so we had to reevaluate our thinking, which was the traditions we had been used to for years. What we found was that she was actually speaking what was the Bible. It has changed our family remarkably.” -Mark

What is this all about? “Come and see!”

You will never go back to a Translation!

You will study and teach the Bible in ways you never would have dreamed.

“Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?” (or Idaho?)

“Come and see!”

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