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Thank you for your prayers!

  • The Scriptorium is in need of Expansion. A Scriptorium Park would be great and an opportunity to expand the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.
  • Thank you Eerdmans Publishing for a license to translate LEADING LITTLE ONES TO GOD into Burmese and other languages.
  • We are partnering with a ministry in South East Asia to produce and translate materials needed there.
  • Coming SoonCoptic (Egyptian) will be offered in 2018. This is the 2nd Bible Translation made in the Early Church Era. Provides insight into how the Early Church read and understood the Bible and its meaning in the a.d. 200s.
  • Syriac is now offered at CIB. The Syriac Bible was the first Bible Translation of the New Testament Era right upon the heals of the Apostles. This will allow for comparison of the Biblical text with the understanding of the Earliest Christians. See what they were seeing and how they were reading and understanding the Bible in the a.d. 100s.
  • Missions has become a great part of CIB. We have partnered with Wycliffe Associates to provide Staff for their Translation Projects.

The SCRIPTORIUM  The Book Store has been remodeled and renamed to reflect more accurately its function. The SCRIPTORIUM houses a collection of manuscripts, historical artifacts and Technical Works in Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, Coptic, etc. Collections include:

  • The LOEB collection. There are more than 525 Primary Historical Texts in Latin and Greek. We have many of these and will complete the Collection soon.
  • The Targumim. These are Aramaic Translations with Jewish Commentaries built directly into the text. They predate the Talmudic Texts and in fact reveal that the Talmud actually departs from the earlier Jewish Views.
  • The Talmud in Aramaic and English. These contain the traditions which Jesus so vehemently criticized. Reading them explains why.


  • We are receiving requests from outside of the country from potential students for information on how to attend CIB. Please pray as we complete paperwork with the U.S. Government to make this happen.

– We have almost finished upgrading the building and have a new Storage Unit out back. Thank You God and D.D. All of this will make operations much more comfortable.

– We are partnered with Wycliffe Associates to aid in checking translations on the mission field directly against the Hebrew and Greek text. We plan on developing a portion of CIB to train specifically for the needs desired by Wycliffe Associates on the field. Would you please consider supporting this project of sending our graduates directly to the field to assist in approving translations against the Hebrew and Greek text. This moves the final approval of translation work along very quickly (shortening by 2-4 years) and gets the Scriptures into the hands of the targeted people sooner.

– God has provided quality video cameras, microphones to record classes in session, upgraded acoustics, and help. This is a great step in placing classes online. The set of lights are also a gift. Please pray as we connect everything.

– For our Bible Colleges on Mission Fields.  These Bible Colleges are the property of the local ministries who operate it. They agree to operate them AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE!  So the initial cost is the ONLY cost. Thank you for supporting these initial costs.

– We receive requests to come to the mission field(s) (Tanzania, Myanmar or Burma, Nigeria, Mexico, etc.) and train others. Join with us and White Stone Missions ( in preparing and sending men and women to not just GO! but to go with a Biblical focus, establish them, and then GET OUT!   Go . . . Give . . . Get out!  No pipelines of money are needed. Rather, resources to Plant the work and make it self-sustainable is the goal.

– We are always looking for those whom God is using. If you like what you see at Charnock Institute or White Stone Missions, why not consider joining our team. We regularly need volunteers & servants for specific projects.

Thank you for your prayers!

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