Board & Staff

Board & Staff

Board of Governors

Dickinson, Dennis, D.R.P.  (Director)

Compton, Bob, D.V.M., Ph.D.  (Chairman of Board)

Stout, Jeanie M.A. (Stand In Registrar)

Wilson, Barry, M.Div., Doctoral Candidate 2017



Adkins, Audrey Latin Grammar Introduction, Latin Rapid Reading. Audrey has studied Hebrew, Greek and Latin.

Brotcke, Katlyn B.Div., Old Testament Translation Certificate, New Testament Translation Certificate. Katlyn has translated the entire Bible and teaches Greek and Hebrew.

Brotcke, Stephen, B.Div., New Testament Translation Certificate, Old Testament Translation Certificate  Stephen teaches Intro to Textual Criticism. Stephen has translated the entire Bible.

Compton, Bob  D.V.M., Ph.D. Teacher Training for Foundations of Biblical Counseling and Science and Worldview. Dr. Compton is a published author and speaker. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from Washington State University and a PhD in Physiology from University of Wisconsin. Bob has been in education most of his life, both in academic and corporate settings. Field of focus include biology, neurophysiology, anatomy and information theory.

Dickinson, Dennis D.R.P. Biblical Languages & Theology, Pastoral Training. Dr. Dickinson is a published author, speaker and the CIB Director.

Flock, Angela M.A.T., New Testament Translation Certificate Angela is over our English Bachelor and Master level programs. Angela has translated the Greek New Testament.

Juarez, Hector, Old Testament Translation Certificate Teaches Spanish Classes, including the KNOWING GOD PROGRAM. Hector has translated the Hebrew Old Testament.

Metzger, Brian B.Div., New Testament Translation Certificate, Old Testament Translation Certificate Brian is working on his Master’s of Ancient Jewish Interpretation.  Brian teaches Worldview(s), Intro to Biblical Counseling. Brian is pursuing his Master of Ancient Jewish Interpretation and become our Torah Scholar at CIB. He is expected to translate, detail and publish his findings on the CIB Scroll as a part of his future Doctoral Program. Brian has translated the entire Bible.

Penry, Tom M.A. ( Tom Instructs Biographies and Advanced Church Histories.

Shumway, Angie A.B.S., New Testament Translation Certificate  Former Missionary to India, Biblical Counseling Assistant Instructor, Worldview(s) Assistant Instructor.

Stout, Jeanie M.A., New Testament Translation Certificate (Stand In Registrar – Jeanie is a Missionary and on the Board of White Stone Missions and a Translation Consultant.

Wilson, Barry, M.Div., New Testament Translation Certificate, Old Testament Translation Certificate (Doctoral Candidate 2017) Biblical Languages and Theology. Barry is a Pastor and has translated the entire Bible.



& Others We Work With

Bath, Nathan, Missionary Missions & Outreach, Shiloh Ministries. From time to time our students & staff work with Shiloh Bible Camp. Nathan is the Director of Shiloh Bible Camp in Idaho.

Hamilton, Tom Intro to Biblical Counseling.

Lebret, Joel & Betsy, Old Testament Translation Certificate, New Testament Translation Certificate Joel is regularly on the Mission Field teaching at a Bible College.  Early Church Fathers (online project). Joel has translated the entire Bible, including Aramaic sections.

Renk, Ed AMF Missionary Missions & Outreach, Shiloh Ministries. Ed works with Churches and youth throughout the year.

White Stone Missions  (  This Missions organization: 1. Plants Bible Colleges on the Mission Field,  2. Sends Translation Consultants to work directly with Translators to check their Translation Work directly with the Greek and Hebrew texts, 3.  Sends Bible Teachers to Missions Bible Colleges. Sending Missionaries, raising Support, working with Orphanages, and much more all takes place at White Stone Missions.

Wolin, Jason Biographies of Great Missionaries, Biographies of Great Christians. Jason is a graduate of Master’s.

Wycliffe Associates We have partnered with Wycliffe Associates to provide Translation Consultants (Checkers) for the Mission Field. These men and women go to the mission field and work directly with translators for several weeks at a time to assist in checking their work directly with the Greek and Hebrew Bible. Several of our people have been involved in their Translator’s Handbook project.

Others We wish to express profound gratefulness to those who work in the many needed areas at CIB; areas which we could not function without. Building & Grounds Maintenance, Recording Technicians, Office Assistance, Missions Assistances, and many & much more. Thank you White Stone Missions and White Stone Christian Fellowship for your financial support. Thank You All!

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