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If the Bible and Theology is your field and your passion, then we recommend you consider C.I.B. No other Bible College or Seminary has our approach of reading the entire Bible through as a Student in its original languages as part of your regular education and reading all known documents of the Early Church up to a.d. 325. We have had students and staff join us who have attended some of the best Higher Learning Institutions and tell us they have never before seen, or even heard of, what we are doing at CIB going on anywhere else. Our former Students and Graduates are now Pastors, Bible College & Seminary Professors, Music Leaders, Missionaries, Biblical Language Consultants, and more. If training for ministry is what you seek, we would love to help.


    Please be aware that NO Private or Public College, Seminary, or Educational Institution’s credits will transfer to all other Educational Institutions. Regardless of where you plan to attend, make sure that your credits will transfer to the next Institution if there may be a need for this in the future.  Accredited Institutions may accept credits from non-accredited Institutions; after all 90 % of all schools, both public and private are not accredited. So also, credits from accredited Institutions may not be accepted by non-accredited Institutions. CIB does not accept credits from any Institution with grades lower than a B; and in many instances does not accept credits from some Institutions at all because of the poor quality of the Institution (Both Accredited and non-Accredited).

Charnock Institute of the Bible has completed its first graduating classes and is now in a position to begin seeking Certifications and Accreditations. Until an Educational Institute has its first graduating class they are not in a position to file. The CIB Board has approved several different kinds of Accreditations and Certifications for CIB to pursue. These are now being addressed.

N.B. Accreditation is the portal to public funds and has little or nothing to do with the actual education. It rather deals with an institutions finances, goals, facilities, staff, etc. to make it eligible for public monies.  The quality of the course work does not come into play.

Many institutions may grant credit if they believe that the course work was creditably offered, accomplished, and monitored.  If this will be an issue with you for trying to obtain credit for your work, please contact the institution you might wish to transfer credits to BEFORE you go further. This is true with all Educational Institutions, accredited or not.



(Where Do CIB Graduates Go)

Wycliffe Associates – CIB is partnered with Wycliffe Associates to provide men and women who are fluent in Greek and Hebrew to work in translation checking with the Greek and Hebrew text. It is very difficult to find men and women with these abilities.  Our graduates are fluent in these languages and are not Bible Software Dependent. We have also provided men and women to assist in the development of Wycliffe’s Translator’s Handbook.

Bible College Professors – Our Students (& Staff) have been, and are, Instructors at Bible Colleges in the U.S. and on the Missions Field. We have developed many courses as well, so that they can use them on the mission field, which are almost identical to those we use in-house. This is part of our planting Biblical Studies Centers and Bible Colleges on the Mission fields.

Churches – We get contacted by Churches seeking Pastors. While attending CIB some students provide Pulpit Supply for local Churches. Some Graduates are now on staff with Church Leadership in the Pulpit, Missions, Music Ministry, etc.

Missions – Students become Missionaries and even participate in Missions while attending the College. Our people have been in China, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, South America, etc. Let us prepare you for the Mission Field. In fact, let us assist you in planting a Bible College on the Mission Filed.

Other – Where would YOU like to go?

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