Student Handbook

Student Handbook

Welcome CIB Interns, Students, Potential Students and Parents.  On this page you will find information and guidelines on the CIB world. The information is published in alphabetical order.


All assignments are due on time. Submission format (via email, hard copy, typed or hand written) is determined by the Professor. A pattern of late papers or papers receiving a “M” (see Grading below) will result in your class dropping to an AUDIT status and will become a no-credit course.

Attitudes & Actions

All attitudes & Actions are expected to conform to and reflect those taught in the Bible.  What is taught in the Bible is expected to be honored by all students and staff in both their Public and Private Lives.  Problems in this area may be grounds for dismissal.

Awards & Graduation Banquette

This is the last event of each Academic Year. You are expected to attend and support fellow students. Degrees, Awards and Honors are given on this night. There is no cost to attend for you and your spouse. Additional guests may require a fee.

Books & Supplies

All books and supplies are to be paid for upon receiving them. All books may be purchased through The Scriptorium (Boise purchases in class).  Please obtain and submit your Student I.D. card to them for your discount(s). Please be aware that you may purchase some texts which you will not receive until you are in class. All texts are listed by suggested donation.

Bookstore (The Scriptorium)

The Scriptorium is a Missions & Outreach Ministry. It is non-profit and does not sell to the public as other Book Stores. Its resources support Missions & Outreach projects. All materials are listed by suggested donation. It houses a collection of Manuscripts and other Ancient Artifacts.

Campus Locations & Housing

CIB has campuses in the Boise, the Ontario/Payette areas, and is now offering select classes in the Coeur d’Alene area.  Housing is available at the Payette, Idaho Campus only.  Damage in any form by any student to any part of any facility will be the responsibility of the Student causing it. Unless repairs are accomplished in an orderly time (right away!) that student will be dismissed.

Candidate (Intern)

All potential Interns at CIB spend their first year as a candidate.  During this time potential Interns are expected to participate in ministry.  This does not imply that the student will be accepted into the Intern Program.  At the end of the first year and the completion of the “Knowing God” series of classes, students may make application for entrance into the full program.  Students entering into the full program must be fluent in Greek and have a mastery of basic Latin.  Candidates begin classes in summer session with Intensive Greek Grammar and continue on with Rapid Greek Reading and Syntax.  The second summer Intensive Latin is taken before entering the Internship Program.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones are to be off when in class. Place them on vibrate or turn them off. Texting is the same.


All students should obtain an APPLE lap-top (MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air).  You can run (if needed) your old Windows system and Software on your new Mac. All required software used at CIB will be given to you at Student Orientation, or in your Intro to Biblical Tools & Research class.  Students using non-Mac(s) are on their own for software needs and downloads.


All students are expected to behave in a manner consistent with Scripture. To conduct themselves in a manner that does not bring dishonor to God, Charnock Institute of the Bible, their Churches, or themselves. Sexual activity in any form outside of the confines of the marriage between a man and his wife shall be grounds for dismissal for both staff and students. This includes any use of porn. The use of language which is Christ honoring is required of all students and staff.

Correspondence Courses

CIB offers NO regular Correspondence Courses.  We are developing CIB Online which is available presently.  More information about CIB Online will be available as courses are made available.

Credit Transfer

CIB may or may not accept transfer from another Institution, and our Credits may or may not be accepted by another Institution. Please do not assume anything if you plan on transferring Credits. CIB requires all Credit for course work be a “B” or higher for transfer (Please do not assume any course work will be accepted, even with acceptable grades).  Make sure that you speak directly to any other Institute of Learning for subject requirements for entrance (e.g. will you need studies in Sciences, Maths, History, etc.), especially in the Post-Graduate fields.  CIB will offer several classes to Interns seeking to go on to a Master’s Program to provide (if possible) course work needed in a specific area. CIB does not grant Credit for Greek Grammar or Latin Grammar (except for transfer purposes). Latin & Greek Grammar have historically been Jr. High or High School courses. This is why these are offered in Summer sessions and not as a part of our main curriculum.

Degrees & Certificates

          – Under Graduate –

– Diploma in Biblical Studies (Knowing God Series)

– Greek New Testament Translation Certificate (Includes Summer)

– Hebrew Old Testament Translation Certificate (Includes Summer)

– Associate in Biblical Studies (Includes Summer)

– Associate in English (Includes Summers)

– Associate in English Literature (Includes Summers)

– Bachelor of Divinity (triple-minor in Greek, Hebrew & Early Church Writings)

– Bachelor of English (double-minor in Latin & Greek)

          – Post Graduate –

– Master of Ancient Jewish Interpretation

– Master of KOINE’ Greek

– Master of English (Includes Summers)

– Master of Divinity (triple-minor in Greek, Hebrew & Early Church Writings)

PhD – Potential Candidates must hold at least one degree from CIB, (B.Div. or M.Div.) be fluent in Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic & Latin.

Diploma In Biblical Studies

The Knowing God Program is a series of ten classes and ministry offered in the first year at CIB and leads to a Diploma In Biblical Studies.  This program is required of ALL seeking full time status at CIB.


All students must be in a minimum of semi-formal clothing (with clothing in good repair) when attending classes. Men must wear ties. The exception to this is summer courses. Any student asked to make changes in clothing by the staff shall make those changes immediately without dispute, even if this means missing the class itself.


E-mail is an important way for us to communicate with you.  You will need to set up an e-mail account through the office.  Many items at CIB will be given to you directly by this avenue (assignments, schedules, etc.) and some assignments will be submitted to Staff also. Please check your e-mail daily. Please do not pass e-mail addresses, which are not your own, to anyone else without permission(s).


    Numerical    Mark                                                   Percentage               

  • 4.00          SCL        Summa Cum Laude              94  – 100
  • 3.70          CL          Cum Laude                            90  –  93
  • 3.30          SCH       Summa Cum Honore            87  –  89
  • 3.00          CH         Cum Honore                          84  –  86
  • 2.70          MCH      Minimo Cum Honore             80  –  83
  • 0.00          M            Minime                                    0  –  79

Minime is a failing or unacceptable grade.  Any and all work receiving a “M” is considered a rejected paper and must be repeated.  A continual receiving of Minime on multiple papers in a class (3 or more) will require an Audit consideration.


All housing is ultimately the responsibility of the student. There is limited housing available at the Payette Campus only. Contact the office with your needs as soon as possible. Rentals are available and other potential students may join you in renting.


CIB provides Internet Access to all students in the Boise & Payette areas.  Students may use any CIB Campus to access SELECT classes from any other CIB Campus.  Full Time Students should obtain an APPLE Lap-Top (MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air); these all come with wireless capabilities.


This is the three year program beginning AFTER the first year has been completed. The program is by Invitation Only. You must be fluent in Greek and basic Latin for entrance (Greek and Latin Grammars are offered in Intensive summer sessions, Greek Rapid Reading & Syntax are offered as part of the Knowing God Program in the first year). Upon entrance into the Internship Program you will enter into ministry 10 hours per week for three years.  The program concludes with a B.Th.

Internship Request

Please request an Internship Application from the office.  First year students enter into a probatio status for one year in which they are required to participate in ministry.  At the beginning and end of this year potential Interns will be interviewed by CIB staff.


Students taking more than 2 classes will need to Interview with CIB staff.


It is best that you not work while at CIB.  The course work will demand all of your time.  However, if the need arises full time Students may not work more than 20 hours per week unless this has been approved by the Director.  It is best not to work the 1st Semester at all.  Please make sure there are no scheduling conflicts between work and classes.  There are some areas (classes) of CIB which require Students to leave the area for extended periods of time and travel.  You will need to make arrangements for these times in advance.


Some classes are lecture in format.  Please use pens (though you may bring pencils) in class. Use black and blue only (no red, green, etc.). When taking notes, leave 1/3 of the paper on the right hand side blank for study and comments at a later time.  When reviewing these notes, on the right side of the paper write headings, titles, key terms, etc.  This will allow for a quick review at a glance.


All meals are the responsibility of the student. Some housing and meal programs may be available depending upon Campus location. When taking your meals on any CIB campus, please make sure your area is left clean.


Some classes may require students to be with Missionaries for extended periods of time. Students are expected and required to make all arrangements needed to complete these ministry requirements. Time away from campus may be required. All second Semester students in the Knowing God Program must make preparation before the end of the First Semester for the “Missions & Outreach” class.

Office Equipment

Please do not use office for personal use or without permission. Interns may have certain equipment use requirements; please make sure the staff is clear on any needs you have in this area.


CIB does not ordain anyone to, or for, the ministry. This has traditionally been the responsibility of the Churches.


Please bring lined paper to class for taking notes. All assignments, unless otherwise noted, must be typed for submission.  Please use 8.5 X 11 white paper for class work submission.


All payments to CIB are due when scheduled unless previous arrangements are made. Payment schedules are agreed upon before classes are attended. All payments are due upon the first week of each month. Late payments may create problems in your relationship with CIB. Please contact us before any problems arise.


When in class please use PENs with black or blue ink only.  This does away with several problems. Do not use pencils for lectures (though you may have pencils in class).


This term describes the status of all Intern Candidates for their first year.  During the probatio the staff evaluates the student, his/her work, and ability to continue on with more difficult work at CIB. If the student successfully completes the probatio (with proper conduct, attitudes, etc.) he/she is accepted into the full Internship Program.


CIB publishes certain Books, Texts, Course Materials, etc.  All materials published by CIB will be copyrighted by the author and published by permission.  Please do not copy these materials without permission from the author(s).

Pulpit Supply

CIB receives some requests for Pulpit Supply. To participate you must have your own transportation. These opportunities pay an unspecified amount of financial remuneration and are solely between the Church and Individual performing this ministry. These requests are given out only as a grace and do not imply any approval or relationship between any Individuals, Ministries, Churches, etc. and Charnock Institute of the Bible or its Staff.


CIB has an intensive reading schedule. If you are a poor reader, CIB is not the College for you. (Contact the office for information on local resources to help you in this area.) If your course work becomes too heavy to keep up, please inform the office immediately and one class (to be determined by Staff) may need to be dropped. You must make up this class at another time.

Remedial Courses

CIB does not offer Remedial courses. If you struggle with reading, keyboarding, etc. you will need to take these at a School in your area. Please select/use a Private School so that your instruction will be more personal and have greater quality.


All Scholarships are conditioned upon students maintaining a quality level of work. Poor quality will negate the standing and the student will be considered a non-scholarship student. Tuition fees at that time will revert to full payment for the remainder of the students time. We have scholarships available for Full-time Missionary Families; 2 scholarships for Timothy Programs for teens who have been involved in ministry regularly for at least two years.

Shiloh Bible Camp, Rodeo Bible Camp, Kid’s Club, Pregnancy Resources, Etc.

CIB works with multiple ministries in the area. Interns ministering with these will be under the direct supervision of those responsible for those Ministries. If you have any questions concerning a ministry you may contact them by phone or e-mail (see link “CIB Board & Staff”).


Most Software needed at CIB will be provided through the office at no cost. However, there may be other software which you will need to obtain. ALL new APPLE brand computers will run WINDOWS so please obtain APPLE brands.  The provided Software should be installed (get the CD through the office) on you Mac.

Staff Titles

Please address all staff by their proper titles. For example:  “Professor Smith,” “Doctor Smith,” “Mr./Mrs. Smith,” “Miss Smith,” Etc. Outside of class times less formal names may be acceptable.

Student Orientation

All students must attend Student Orientation at the scheduled date. New Student orientations are normally held the last week of August.

Student Teaching

Select opportunities may be available at CIB for students to use their new skills in a real classroom. These must all be cleared through the staff.

Student Welcome Meal

Each year normally begins with the Student & Staff Welcome Meal on the evening of the Student Orientation. Please plan on attending; as this is one of the few times that all students and staff are actually together.

Thesis (Public Defense)

All Interns are expected to finish their education with a public defense of a thesis. This is conducted by the Staff and Guests (including Pastors). This will be conducted the last week of classes and all students are expected/required to attend.


Unless otherwise directed, all transportation is the responsibility of the Student. Some ministry events will provide transportation when needed to archaeology digs, special camps, etc. Please make sure of each situation before you assume that all arrangements are made.

Tuition Payments

CIB offers several payment plans. All financial agreements must be made before classes begin. Failure to meet financial obligations may be cause for dismissal.  Interns and Intern Candidates must see the Director for Tuition costs and payments.


Please make sure that you have BASIC typing (keyboarding) skills before arriving at CIB. Purchase a typing course if you need to and work through it. Contact us for information on a local program.

Wycliffe Associates

CIB has partnered with Wycliffe Associates to provide Translation Consultants (Checkers) on the mission field. Your certificates in Greek New Testament and Hebrew Old Testament will allow you to work directly with translators on the field who need you to provide access to the Greek and Hebrew Bible. You will aid them in checking their translation directly with the Greek and Hebrew Text.



Please ask if you do not know. In class ask the instructor. Out of class ask the office.


A Signature is required stating that you have read and agree with this handbook.  You may print this page and sign it.  See that it gets to the office before classes begin.

“I have read the student handbook (defined as all pages on this site of and agree that I will comply with all that is in it.” (You may sign this form on the paper application, or print this page, and sign it.)

Signed __________________________________________________________

Date __________________  Email ____________________________________

Phone __________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________


Parent Signature if Student is under 18,


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