Deep to Deep


We here at CIB are excited to announce our presence on the radio!  In the program Deep to Deep, Charnock Director and Professor, Dr. Dennis Dickinson, teaches the Bible from the original languages as he sheds light on truths found in the original text of the Bible. We hope you enjoy listening!


You will also hear our One Minute Devotionals throughout the day on the stations listed below. These provide unique word studies to the listener. Brief but life changing.


CIB Radio is a listener supported program created for the purpose of maturing God’s people by providing them with in-depth study of the Bible from its original text. If you are blessed by these programs, please consider supporting them. If you would like to support this ministry financially, please use the donate button below or contact us at:


Charnock Institute of the Bible

427 14th Ave N.

Payette, ID 83661

Phone: (208) 642-4632



Listen or Download Deep to Deep Here

– or –

KBGN AM 1060

DEEP TO DEEP – Sundays 9:30

Devotions with Dr. Dennis Dickinson – Monday through Friday

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