Planting Bible Colleges

Charnock Institute of the Bible and White Stone Missions are planting Bible Colleges in Nigeria, Mexico, Uganda, Kenya, India, Nepal, etc. From the beginning, we’ve wanted the materials that are developed for the courses to match the quality of our regular courses at CIB.  We have students currently using the materials and others awaiting the arrival of more materials, so that they can begin. This is a dream-come-true for us. Below is the description of how we plan on proceeding. We can also set up a display, which we would love to exhibit in your church or ministry for a week or two, so that you and your church family can see the quality for yourselves.

How does it work?

The planted college can use the existing Church buildings around the world as its facility. The pastor, missionary, or their appointee issues the materials and grades the tests. Students are required to participate in ministry 10 hours per week, serving alongside missionaries or church staff, benefiting their churches.

What are the costs?

Costs differ from country to country. For one box to be completed and shipped to Nigeria the total cost is roughly $1,500.  In contrast, shipping to Mexico costs a few hundred dollars, which is very little in comparison. After a student completes the course, the next student comes in, using the same books as the student before him. Students do not write in the texts, so they can be used again. Thus, as long as the texts last, there is no additional costs. DONATE


There is no way to place missionaries on the mission field to educate students to become pastors for this price. We use existing staff to work with students in the discipleship context, which already exists. This addition of the college curriculum takes their discipleship to a whole new level.

See Center for Biblical Studies for more information.

If you are interested in donating your time, skills, or other resources for this project, please contact the Registrar at

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