Center for Biblical Studies

Center for Biblical Studies

The Center for Biblical Studies program will allow us to plant Bible colleges anywhere in the world. Charnock Institute of the Bible, along with White Stone Missions, has developed the “Center for Biblical Studies” for missions.

Basic Overview

Planting Bible colleges anywhere in the world is very possible with today’s technology. Charnock Institute of the Bible and White Stone Missions have partnered to place Bible Colleges in Nigeria, Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, etc. The curriculum is fully self-contained, meaning that once the curriculum arrives, the location has ownership over it and all the materials needed to make a Bible College a reality. We have students standing by awaiting the arrival of these items to begin their education. This is a dream-come-true for us.

How does it work?

The college uses the existing ministry buildings as its facilities. The pastor, missionary, or their appointee(s) simply issue materials and grade the tests. Students are required to participate in ministry 10 hours per week, serving alongside missionaries or church staff. The student’s churches directly benefit from their education and service.

What are the costs?

There are shipping costs and the cost for books & materials. Shipping costs depend on the location of the center. For instance, for one box to be completed and shipped to Nigeria (costs will differ with locations) the total cost is roughly $1,000. After a student completes the course, the next student comes in using the same books as the student before him. Donate to planting these Bible Colleges on the mission field at DONATE/SUPPORT.

How can I be involved?

  1. Prayer; join us.
  2. We are sponsoring texts for students; join us.
  3. We are displaying boxes for others to consider; join us. We have pictures available for display.
  4. If you are fluent in Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin, join us (in writing curriculum).
  5. If you have missionaries in the poorest parts of the world with few resources, join us by having them contact us.
  6. If you would like to work translating this program into Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, etc., join us. This is a missions project, and you may join White Stone Missions.
  7. Laptops – If you have used laptops lying around with wireless capability, you can donate them to this program and we will place them on a mission field. This will help both the College in a Box program and allow classes at CIB Online to be available to those with Internet access.

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