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The Classes are categorized as follows:

  • BOLD BLUE & CAPS means the course is fully functional
  • Bold Blue means course is nearing completion (changed to caps at completion)
  • Bold Green means pieces are being assembled
  • Plain Text means no work has yet begun on this course

Select the course you wish to take:

The Knowing God Program

Diploma in Biblical Studies

                              First Semester                                         Second Semester

  • Biblical Tools & Research Introduction    Attributes, Character & Eternal Plan of God
  • New Testament Introduction                       Missions Introduction
  • Old Testament Christology Introduction  Bios of Christians/or Principles of Min
  • Church History Introduction                       Christian Life & Growth Introduction
  • Science & Worldview                                      Foundations of Biblical Counseling Intro

Greek Grammar (Summer)

  • Greek Reading I (John 1-12)                       Greek Reading II (Syntax) John 13-21

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