Intro to Biblical Tools & Research


This is one of the first courses required at CIB. It prepares and provides students with the skills and tools they will need for many of the classes they take. The Text, A HEART TO KNOW THE WORD, contains everything for the course, including the syllabus. Simply open the text and begin. All other needed texts, audio, and video are found below.  Remember that completing this course is required for many of the courses offered at CIB Online. It must be taken as one of the first courses. The tests ARE not yet available though the course work provided is complete. However, after the Alphabets no testing is normally provided, rather Professors and Students meet to discuss their findings. Regular Concordance Work IN CLASS is of great value!

Note that the course is titled INTRODUCTION TO BIBLICAL TOOLS & RESEARCH, rather than Hermeneutics (the science and art of interpretation). This is an Inductive course (you arrive at your own conclusions), rather than Deductive (a Professor telling you what to conclude). It is designed to take you further than normal Hermeneutics (Bible Interpretation) Courses. You will learn the Greek and Hebrew alphabets; then you will learn to use Greek and Hebrew Concordances, so you can do your own more advanced studies. The rest of the text will focus on:  (A.) Old Testament interpretation, then  (B.) New  Testament interpretation, and then  (C.) end with you studying topical Theological issues for yourself directly from the Biblical Text. If you need the Adobe Reader for these files please click this button:

Course Texts

Heart to Know the Word  by David Roper; with additional assignments and editing by Dennis Dickinson & Angela Flock and copyrighted by David Roper, (with additions copyrighted by White Stone Press). All materials are copyrighted and used by permission. Permission is granted for personal use so long as no alterations are made to, or in, the text in any form; and the text is not sold or traded. Ministries using the text may not sell copies.

Dictionaries, Lexicons, Bibles & Concordances

American Standard Version or use

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance or use

Englishman’s Greek Concordance or use

Englishman’s Hebrew Concordance  or use

Smith’s Bible Dictionary  or use

Easton’s Bible Dictionary  or use


Lesson 1  – The Greek Alphabet

Greek Alphabet I  Click here to learn Greek Alphabet.

Greek Alphabet II

Greek Alphabet III

Read John 1 in Greek  This video has both the text and vocalization.

Englishman’s Greek Concordance

Lesson 1 Test:  Write out the Greek Alphabet. You need to score 100% on this.


Lesson 2  –  The Hebrew Alphabet

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet  I     Click here to watch and hear the alphabet (Part   I)

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet II    Click here to watch and hear the alphabet (Part  II)

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet III  Click here to watch and hear the alphabet (Part III)

Englishman’s Hebrew Concordance

Lesson 2 Test:  Write out the Hebrew Alphabet and Vowels. You need to score 100% on this.

Lessons 3-15  From here simply follow the Course Text. There are no Tests and Class Discussion is the Rule; i.e. “What did you find? __________” All assignments must be completed in full before the Class Discussion.
If there is an Instructor who has the skills, regular work IN CLASS with Greek and Hebrew Concordances is helpful. Regular Work on Words such as those listed below are eye opening. Search out the words you wish to look at as well. Remember: USAGE DETERMINES MEANING!
-Peace (Shalom)
-Son, Build, Understand (all the same word)
-God, gods, rulers, angels, etc. (all the same word)
-Male and Female
-Man and Woman, Son, Daughter
-Salvation, Savior, Saved, Sound Mind (all the same word)
-Temple (2 different words)


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