Greek Grammar Introduction


This course will change the way you read the New Testament (not as much as Hebrew will!). The difference between a real Mechanic and a Back-Yard-Mechanic is that one can get inside of the motor, while the other works on basic externals; not to mention the difference in the tools each possesses and/or is able to work with. This course covers the entire Greek Grammar needed to continue on to reading the Greek New Testament. The text is A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO NEW TESTAMENT GREEK, by Samuel G. Green. It is a public domain book and is dated to be sure; however, we will walk you through it (updating where needed). Thanks is due to Textkit ( for digitizing the Greek Grammar text. Thanks also to for the SBL Greek Text.

The key to success is to do all the Exercises and master all vocabulary before you take your test. You must normally score 80% or higher to continue on. If you fail a test you should not take the test again for at least one week. When you retake the test the questions and answers will be rotated or mixed around and so will differ from the first test in the order of questions and in the order of the answers.

The course is designed to be completed in TEN WEEKS in Summer Session. If you wish, you can simply spend 2-3 weeks on each lesson for a 2 Semester course format.  Remember however, that taking more than roughly 20-30 weeks to complete the course means that you may in fact begin to loose what you have learned and have to repeat the lessons.  Don’t dottle!  Greek requires work and is best taken quickly to get on to Greek reading so you do not loose what you have learned; and so also that you can experience the greatness and encouragement of the language. The grammar is the most difficult step of the Greek language. After this Greek becomes substantially easier. So work hard and do a good job. The reward at the end will be more than worth it.

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Course Texts

Greek Grammar  by Samuel G. Green (or download the text at

Greek Text of Revelation

Greek New Testament (Wescott-Hort)

Greek New Testament (SBL)

Greek New Testament (SBL) with Marks

Introduction – This course is broken into 20 lessons. The work of learning a language is time consuming. Yes . . . it is work!  But be of good courage, the grammar is the most difficult part of Greek; after this it gets notably easier.  At two lessons a week you will be reading Greek in ten weeks time. Do not take more than 15 to 20 weeks to complete this course.  More time is simply not required (unless you cannot do College level work). Vocabulary words are one of the most important items of the course. Make vocabulary cards on paper of some kind so you can carry them in your pocket.  This is a great way to learn. Put the grammar also on cards to carry with you.  Plan on about 150 – 200 hours total to complete the course.

A final note. Active Readings of the Greek New Testament are coming!  Each week will have New Testament passages read and translated in class so you can see real Greek from the beginning. “It was the reading that did it!” is a comment we have heard regularly from the beginning. Increase your skills by watching the skills of another. This is a great way to do Bible Study!

Week 1

Lesson I (Sections 1-7)  Exercise 1 (p. 12), 2 (p. 13)  Learn the Greek Alphabet until you can say it as fast as your own alphabet and be able to write it out comfortably with no mistakes.

Greek Alphabet I  Click here to learn Greek Alphabet.

Greek Alphabet II

Greek Alphabet III

Read John 1 in Greek   Text and Vocalization

Week 1 Test: Write out the Greek Alphabet in the Correct Order. You must get 100% on this!


Lesson 2

How A Pen Was Made Years Ago

Week 2 Test (Not Active)

Lesson 3

How Ink Was Made 

Week 3 Test (Not Active)

Lesson 4

How to Make Papyrus Paper (or another video on Papyrus Paper)

Week 4 Test (Not Active)

Lesson 5

Week 5 Test (Not Active)

Lesson 6

Week 6 Test (Not Active)

Lesson 7

Week 7 Test (Not Active)

Lesson 8

Week 8 Test (Not Active)

Lesson 9

Week 9 Test (Not Active)

Lesson 10

Week 10 Test (Not Active)





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