Aramaic Grammar Introduction



Aramaic is normally offered in a students 4th Summer, or TEN weeks in Summer Session. The syllabus provided below is to be rewritten when the course is offered. However, some might find it helpful. All Aramaic passages are covered along with passages containing select Aramaic words.

There are just over 700 Aramaic words (about 60 are proper nouns), occurring just over 7,000 times in 269 verses. These are 269 verses of Scripture!

Aramaic Syllabus Start Here

Text Books (X) To be written by CIB Staff

Assignments/Exercises (X)

Reading Psalm 2 Note how BAR is clearly explained in the context. Read entire Hebrew text of Psalm 2. This will be done in class.

Reading Prov. 31 The word BAR will help identify the King and his Mother. Read the entire Prov. 31 text in Hebrew, in order to note the context. This is done in class.

Reading Possibles in Esther (notes on possible Aramaic forms in book of Esther.

Reading Daniel – The entire book of Daniel is read in this class.

Reading Ezra – The entire book of Ezra is read in this class.

Tests (X)

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