Charnock Institute of the Bible Online

On June 5, 2012

Charnock Institute of the Bible has begun placing classes (including the original languages of the Bible) online, enabling anyone in the world with Internet access to take classes for free. These classes do not receive credit from CIB since we can not monitor student progress; however, the coursework will be of the same quality that we use in our classes. This is designed to take your discipleship to a whole new level of quality without spending great amounts of money to attend college.

This project is proceeding as we have time and resources. We already have some necessary texts developed and online. In some cases the texts for a class are available but not the testing. Testing capabilities will come eventually. However, you may use these materials now as they are available.

If you’d like to donate your time, resources, computer skills, and/or other resources to this project, please contact the Registrar at

Donate to this project at

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