• Free Hebrew Course

    The First Hebrew Classes are now available.
    Free for the Earning!


    Directly from the Greek and Hebrew with LIVE translation as we go through the entire Bible!
    Coming Soon!

  • Missions Conference

    Thank You Wycliffe Associates!
    Incredible Missions Conference!

  • New Courses

    First Translations of New and Old Testaments?
    1. Syriac: Available Now.
    2. Coptic: available in 2018.


Read the Entire Bible in the original GREEK, HEBREW and ARAMAIC texts. A 4 year journey (Summers Required).


Read ALL CHURCH HISTORY DOCUMENTS up to a.d. 325 and discuss them. A 3 Year Journey! Year 4 is Reformation Writings!

Missions Banquet

White Stone Mission's Annual Banquet is October 6th, at 6:30 p.m. Please RSVP at 208-643-4632 with the number in your party.


There is no Bible Study like Bible Study directly from the original Biblical Languages!

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Bible Reading for Mastery

Bible Reading for Mastery

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Charnock Institute of the Bible Online

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