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    You will read the entire Greek, Hebrew & Aramaic Bible . . . every letter, every word! You will never go back to a translation!

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    Regular Session begins in September. Our KNOWING GOD PROGRAM is for the non-Theologian. Join us for this life changing journey.

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    Don’t trade the knowledge of God for anything on this earth! “Focus on your Creator in the days of your youth!” – Solomon

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ALL SCRIPTURE is read from the ORIGINAL GREEK, HEBREW and ARAMAIC texts by the students over 4 years (Summers Required).


ALL CHURCH HISTORY DOCUMENTS up to a.d. 325 are read and discussed by the Students. A 3 Year Journey! 1 Year of Reformation Writings!

UNIQUE #3 and #4

KOINE' GREEK MASTER: Read Greek N.T. 20 times and Master Vocabulary. BIBLICAL HEBREW MASTER: Read O.T. 10 times, Master Vocabulary.

Español IS HERE!

Classes in Español. Join us for a Biblical Education for your Spanish Ministry.

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